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                                              Sales call:+086-519-88966062
                                              Your current position:Home > About Us > Company 

                                              Changzhou Yuandong Connecting Rods Co., Ltd. is located at Zhengliu,east suberb of Changzhou, with Changjiang River in south,Changzhou downtown in east, Shanghai-Nanjing Express Highway only one kilometer away.
                                              Our company is the largest engine connecting rod enterprise in China at present and the products include the engine connecting rods of farming machine, construction machine, commercial vehicle, passengers vehicles. Founded in 1985, the company covers an area of 160,000 square meters, including the building area of 80,000 square meter. There are 1200 employees now, including 200 engineers and technitians. The fixed assets is 136.86 million Yuan. There are 16 advanced connecting rod production lines and 9 advanced forging lines. The annual production ability of connecting rods is up to 7.5 million pieces. The output value is up to 500 million Yuan.
                                              With flexible operation modes, standard internal management, powerful technical force, excellent quality guarantee, the Company establishes a stable marketing network in all places of China. The products are mainly sold to China Changcai, Zhejiang Xinchai Co.,Ltd., Anhui Quanchai Group Corp., Chaoyang Diesel Engine,Wuxi Diesel Engine, Yangzhou Diesel Engline, Shandong Huafeng, China No.1 Tractor, Kunming Yunnei Power Co.,Ltd., Jiangling Motors Co.,Ltd., and other 30 large and middle engine factories. The Company establishes a firm suppling relation with Zhejiang Jili, FAW Car Co., Ltd.
                                              There are many advanced machines and instruments in the Company, such as: material chemical factors analyser, universal material testing machine, impact tester, metallurgical analyser, altimeter, roughometer, three - coordinates measuring instrument, roundness tester, spectrumfull elements analyser and other high grade precise testing machines, and the conformity and stability of the products can be guranteed well therefore. 
                                              The Company is always devoted to connecting rod developing and manufacturing. It is a city level technical center and provincial level qualified measurement enterprise. Its independent laboratory, precise testing facility, complete product development flow, control flow, and senior scientific research technicians form a complete product development system. The Company has developed nearly 20 top grade new connecting rods in recent years, realizes mass production, can reach or surpass customer's requirement.
                                              The Company was qualified in ISO / TS16949:2002 quality control system certification. The product quality gets a good reputation in all engine factories.The Company was appointed by Yunnei,China Changchai and other engine factories as model supplier, and is the member of China Automotive Engine Connecting Rod Association and China Internal Combustion Engine Association, AAA Enterprise for Honoring Contracts and Standing by Reputation in Jiangsu Province,Top 100 Model Automobile Part Suppliers, Automotive Industry Distinguished Enterprise in 30 Years Reform and Open Period,the enterprise with China Internal Combustion Engine Industry 100 Years Achievement Award. The products are awarded as Jiangsu Province High Quality Product, Changzhou Famous Product, and are qualified successively in the tests by Jiangsu Quality Technical Supervision Bureau and Changzhou Product Quality Inspection & Supervision Institute Qualified.
                                              The Company takes the tenet and commitment of “Quality is enterprise's life, service is our reputation", and can always meet customer's demand. We sincerely welcome all friends all over the world to cooperate closely with us for our mutual bright future.

                                              Addr:Dongqing Section 13#,ZhengLu Town Wujin Zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu | Tel:+086-519-88966062 | Fax:+086-519-88966062 88966063
                                              ©2012 Changzhou Yuandong Connecting Rods Co., Ltd All Righs Reserved. 苏ICP备05004871号